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Speaking of a.) art projects of months past, and b.) the Hard Rock Cafe …

29th November 11

…here is a favorite anecdote from the past year. 

At the end of August, Sergio Vucci and I held our final Common Room event of the year, which involved taking a group of around 30-60 people on bicycle to see four sites around the city that everyone often speaks fondly of, but that even many longtime residents have never actually experienced themselves. I’ll post the full list later. There’s some good photos.

One of these was a trip to the observation deck at the Foshay Tower, to see the city at night. Cheryl Wilgren Clyne, the curator of the museum up there, had made arrangements to let us in, and provided party hats in celebration of the building’s birthday the day before.

It was a beautiful, warm summer night, and people milled around the deck, looking out at the city lights coming on just as the sun was setting around 8 p.m. On my walk around, noted friend of S. 12th Brad Zellar stood at one of the four viewfinders on the deck, looking at some object in the distance.

"My gosh, Andy, come here, quick!" he yelled at me, voice bubbling with enthusiasm and gesturing wildly. "You will not believe this!

"What? What is it?" I asked. Brad has a great eye for the amazing and the sublime, so I knew whatever he’d come across would be worthwhile.

"You have to see this! This…this…wow! It’s like we’re not even in Minneapolis! It’s like being…in…LONDON or something!”

"Oh my gosh, wow!"

"It’s the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen!” 

I was getting impatient. "C’mon, man, lemme see!"

He stepped aside, and I looked into the peephole, ready to have my mind blown. Here is an artist’s rendition of what I saw, perfectly lined up the center of the viewfinder:

I looked back up at Brad, with what I’m sure was an expression of bewilderment and probably mild disgust.

He had the broadest grin I’ve ever seen on his face. It was and remains my favorite joke of the 2011 calendar year.

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