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28th September 13

Dad bought a used car in Akron, Ohio online, and apparently made Nate take a Greyhound up north from Louisville to pick it up. Nate then drove US-42 back today with the car, and posted these photos and the following text on his Facebook. I reproduce it for you here as public service, because I really enjoyed it and I think you will, too:

Here’s where I had lunch. That’s a Wiener King Special. Chili, cheese, mustard, onions, and cole slaw. The dude said there were once a thousand of Wiener Kings scattered across the countryside. Now there’s just the single one left in Mansfield, Ohio. He said it hadn’t changed at all inside, and I believe him.

Mansfield is awesome, by the way. It only helped solidify my desire to honeymoon in the Rust Belt.

US-42 is a most excellent highway, too. You really get a feel for the countryside. Farmland for miles. Old-ass farmhouses and barns. I saw a train just dumped by the roadside and a dozen cemeteries; once and future seats of industry; cow pastures and tobacco farms; silos and skyscrapers; Main St. USA. I drove two blocks down the Lincoln Highway. I didn’t see a single orange barrel. No semi trucks blew past me, either. I also had my pick of three different chili parlors and that doesn’t even count the regrettably shuttered Empress Chili. Ah, America! Ah, humanity!

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